Keeping It Proper On Rinse.FM With Will Azada In The Mix, Mix, Mix, Mix….

“USA STAR, er, well maybe not star…” Will Azada makes his first mix appearance on UK terrestrial radio with an offering chock-full of all that is Proper. Featured on Hypercolour’s Friday night Rinse.FM spot hosted by our friend and upcoming Proper Trax contributor, Mr. Ste Roberts. Thirty-five minutes of current and upcoming trax, it begins around the bottom of the first hour and goes on from there. Get it? Got it? Yeah.

Proper Trax 4 Repress Now Available

Well, we blew through the original run of Proper Trax 4 and decided to repress 150 copies due to the demand. Once those are gone, this run is done and we’re moving on to PROPER-005! You can order it direct from the label on the sidebar, or check out retailers like Juno.

You can also catch Marcel Dettmann dropping “Drum Trax” on NYE in Amsterdam in this video (timestamp 4:20:00)


Mr. Chris Mitchell is blowing the lid off the Proper Trax Soundcloud account with a load of fresh listens coming through for the exclusive mix he did for us. We’re not sure if it’s our exceptional keyword tagging skills in honor of his penchant for azngrls or a supercool blogger trying to get street cred, but we’re happy to see the influx of heads looking for something good to listen to. Whatever, it doesn’t matter, we’re just happy that someone appreciates the dopeness on display!

Here it is for those that haven’t heard it: