Trax Store Updated & Expanded – Mystical Disco [MYST-001] and PROPER-003 Pre-Orders Offered

The Trax Store is now updated with a total of four selections: PROPER-001, PROPER-002, PROPER-003, and MYST-001. What is MYST-001, you say? Well, it’s not Proper Trax, but it’s most definitely PROPER. MYSTICAL DISCO is a new imprint out of NYC, with the debut release featuring Will Azada and Blank Artists alumnus Jackson Lee. We help them, they help us, and you get easier access to more heated wax. In light of that development, we’ll also be working with other labels we consider proper in the future, to help spread the sound of the new global underground. MYST-001 will begin shipping late next week. Jump on it, because out of the 200 total copies available, we’ll have just 20…er, well, 19 now (thanks Joe).

As well as offering MYST-001, we’ve got discounted $6 pre-orders available for PROPER-003 setup for easy Paypal checkout (until April 21st), and as an added bonus of now having four releases to slang in the back alley of the Internet, US customers are eligible for free shipping if they purchase three or more pieces. We can’t quite offer the same deal to international customers, BUT we’ve lowered the price for additional records slightly, so you can get up to four for between $15 – $20 shipping.


Strictly Heat [PROPER-003] by Will Azada is Almost Here – Pre-Order until 4/21/12

Hadn’t realized that previews for PROPER-003 were not available on the site itself, so let’s fix that little problem…

Will Azada makes his solo vinyl release debut with STRICTLY HEAT, on Proper Trax. Test pressings and promos are out and about, with the final shipment of wax slated to hit shelves in late April / early May. Featuring three floor-focused tech-house (are we allowed to use that term or is it a dirty word?) tracks to bang in the spring…properly.

We’re not too keen on circle-jerking ourselves with track-by-track self-analyses, so have a listen yourselves. For those interested in pre-ordering a copy we’ll give you a limited opportunity to get it by release day for just $6 +S&H. Now that the catalog has expanded for the Trax Store, we’re also going to offer free shipping to the US for purchases of 3 records or more (and we lowered the additional price per record for international orders). We will also send along a limited CD of some new unreleased material that may or may not see the light of day, but it’ll be tight anyway.

Pre-order offer expires on April 21st. Records will be mailed the day we have them, which will likely be about a week or two before it starts hitting the shops.