Now Available: Alex Falk – Terse [PROPER-005]

If you weren’t aware of our fifth record, you are now. Proper Trax number five comes from Alex Falk–someone who has been here since day one, playing no small part in providing his own flare to the label’s aesthetic with his Piltdown Sound contributions “Bom” and “Xanderplatz” on Split Personalities II, as well as his thoroughly detailed opinions on the arrangement of Will Azada’s hi-hats. We’re proud to announce Alex Falk’s debut solo effort: TERSE

After sweating out the winter heatwave generated by Chris Mitchell and Grey People with Proper Trax 4, Alex Falk distills a purified form of techno from the often unnecessary complexities of the style. Terse—the fifth limited twelve from Proper Trax–further solidifies the label’s unflinching commitment to the rough ‘n’ tough sounds of the southern US underground. Don’t sleep, as this one is aimed to take its place in the record bags of the globe’s in-the-know heads.

Available since late February through the Proper Trax grapevine, copies are now making their way through distribution channels and should be arriving at a record shop near you within the next week. If you don’t want to wait around, or just prefer to deal directly with us (and receive the WAVs), you can hit the shop on the sidebar and order copies from the label instead.


Will Azada Featured on Droid Behavior’s D-Node Podcast

Obviously, it’s a big news day…or maybe we’re just slow with the updates. Busy making those new joints, yo. But we’d like to spread the word about Will Azada’s latest podcast, this time for Los Angeles-based Droid Behavior and their heavy-hitting D-NODE podcast series. Although Mr. Azada is known for his housier outings with Proper Trax, he’s also getting some attention for his more techno-oriented material. After receiving a smattering of support from Droid’s techno-bro duo Raiz for PROPER-002 and the new shit on Woods N Bass, he was asked to do a podcast for the prestigious label’s long-running mix series, which also features the likes of Chris Liebing, Drumcell, Speedy J, Alland Byallo, Aubrey, and Perc to name a few of the established guys, in addition to up-and-coming artists like Dead Sound, Daegon, Francois X, and Harvey McKay.

This mix is a bit different though. Will focuses on his own material for the majority of the mix, showcasing mostly unreleased techno tracks from his archives, along with a number of remixes and originals from some close associates, and a couple heavy hitters to start things rolling. It clocks in at 105 minutes, with 27 tracks, and rolls around from broken beat electro cuts, to ball-smashing dirty south techno, chilling out by the end with a series of deeper cuts. It’s a good introduction to the other side of his sound and what was previously mostly unheard material. Also featured is one of Vanguard Sound’s Chris Mitchell’s upcoming Proper Trax cuts slated for PROPER-004, two tracks off MYST-001 from Will and Jackson Lee, and a special dubplate remix of “Let’s Get Tight” by Grey People. Big shit!

You can stream and download the mix at Droid Behavior. Tracklisting and extra info is also listed.

The Support Update – Woods N Bass, Mystical Disco, and Bleepsequence

We’ve got a few things here that should be said, in light of recent developments regarding some of the artists associated with Proper Trax.

First up, Woods N Bass has established a new vinyl-only imprint, Woods N Bass Limited, that made its debut a week ago with the release of the Wet Feet EP by Will Azada & Piltdown Sound. It’s a belter of an EP, featuring three tracks, with the title track as a collaboration, and then a solo each from Will and Piltdown. Support has been diverse and wide so far, including direct play and chartings from the likes of DJ Deep, Seph, Jeroen Search, Raiz, Sammuli Kemmpi, Unbalance, Revy, Norman Nodge and Detroit Techno Militia to name just a few (ok, more than a few). It’s an exciting one, and we almost used “Wet Feet” for PROPER-002, but it wasn’t quite where it needed to be at the time…Glad to see our friend Santiago Merino @ Woods N Bass saw the potential it had though! Buy it now at, although word on the street is that we’ll have a small stack available to sell direct as well, soon.

Next, and hitting shelves as we speak, is the debut of NYC/Memphis label Mystical Disco from Jackson Lee. MYST-001 is another split release, giving a taste of what’s to come for the label, with Will Azada’s ironically titled “Easy Does It” on the A-side, and Jackson Lee’s pair of dubtech/house thumpers on the flip, “Three Mile Island” and “One November.” Jackson Lee’s last release with fellow Memphian Ben Jenkins on Detroit’s Blank Artists is a diamond in the rough of dub-oriented house and techno, and personally, stands out from the glut of similar tracks with its live jam aesthetic and lowkey funk. Mr. Lee, we are sure, will be making his Proper Trax debut in the near future. Promo for MYST-01 has been limited so far, but we know Perc is on board with “Easy Does It.” It should be hitting record shelves worldwide soon, but can currently be found at Halcyon in NYC right now. We’ll also be receiving a handful of copies for direct sale for those interested. Previews on the link above, or click the pic.

Third, some news on the Bleepsequence front, a quality experimental/techno netlabel based in Pittsburgh, PA and run by Revy. Blpsq has been around for awhile now, and while all the music is free, it is one of the few that truly keeps a higher standard of quality on the digital front. Although neither are available just yet, both Piltdown Sound and Will Azada will be making separate contributions to the release schedule with their own EPs. Piltdown’s will be BLPSQ21, out next week, with Will’s following up likely in May. For now, check out the brand spankin’ new Bleepsequence Compilation I / BLPSQ20, featuring a heavy tracklist of music from the label’s roster.


Hunger ATL presents Proper Trax at The Garage in Asheville, NC – March 24th

We are happy to announce that Proper Trax fan and supporter, Cc_ aka Chris Powers, of Hunger ATL has organized a Proper Trax gathering with Will Azada, Grey People, and Piltdown Sound at the Garage at Biltmore in Asheville, NC on March 24th. This will mark our second appearance at the Garage as a group, and if its anything like the last, it should be a load of fun. Check it out, bring some friends, keep it proper.

Keepin’ it Proper in Kentucky with the Derby City Bad Kids…

This Thursday, March 8th, Alex Falk (Piltdown Sound) and Will Azada will be making the trek to Louisville, KY to perform for the Derby City Bad Kids and their Pitch night at Zanzabar, for a special Proper Trax night. Local residents Jason Shelton and Lady Carol will be holding it down as well. We’ll have records available for sale, and plenty of killer music ready to unleash. If you’re nearby, come on by. Pitch @ Zanzabar

Pitch @ Zanzabar

Will Azada’s Proper 12 to Begin 2012 Chart

2011 was an exceptional year for house and techno music, with too many underground artists and labels sprouting and establishing their posts for the future. We believe 2012 is going to be even more notable, judging from the landscape. Not only does Proper Trax have an absolute killer schedule set up to fill the pipeline, featuring upcoming EPs from Will Azada, Grey People, and Vanguard Sound / Plan B Records’ Tampa talent Chris Mitchell. But there have been a number of raw-as-fuck labels hard at work blazing trails over the past couple years, and we’d like to highlight some of the newer (and older) cuts that are blowing some minds with their gritty and fresh approach to house and techno.

Will Azada starts it off with his Proper 12 to Begin 2012 (which just so happen to be all 12″s, har!)

Will Azada’s Proper 12 to Begin 2012 Chart

1. D’Marc Cantu – Fallen [Creme Jak / Creme Org]
2. I:Cube – Lucifer En Discotheque EP [Versatile]
3. The Raw Interpreter – A One [Warm Sounds]
4. Traxx / JTC / D’Marc Cantu – The Definition Of Jak The Definition Of Hope [Lux Rec]
5. The Analogue Cops & Blawan – Cursory EP [Vae Victis]
6. Phil Weeks – Jack To My Groove EP [Robsoul]
7. Marieu – Urban Heat Island EP [Enchanted Wax]
8. Amir Alexander / Chris Mitchell / DJ Spider / Hakim Murphy – Vanguard Sound Vol. 3 [Vanguard Sound]
9. Villan X ft Naughty Wood vs Jonny Quest / JTC ft Rodger Devine – Prototype Substance EP [Nation]
10. Locked Groove – Rooted [Hotflush]
11. CCO – The Secret Life of a Transistor Bassline [Lux Rec]
12. Drumman – The Quasar EP [Lux Rec]

Yeah, three shouts to Lux Rec in one chart–these guys are doing it right. Slept-on heat. Analogue Cops, Marieu, and Blawan and the whole Restoration / Relative / Live Jam / Appointment / Enchanted Wax label orgy of greatness are also heavily repped and easily drained our lunch monies for the year on 12″ after 12″….and continue to do it for 2012. The Vanguard Sound / Plan B crew continues to bring the raw heat, this time shying away from the deeper sounds (although, they’re always deep) by bringing some fucking jackers to the start of the year with Volume 3, and officially establishing the Vanguard Sound label in the process. The Raw Interpreter is a new arrival, whom was just stumbled across during the dig–it’s like a dirt sandwich of Disco Nihilist and the aforementioned Relative crew, but with its own twist. Previously-dubstep/futuregarage/bass/whatever-focused Hotflush surprises with this mean release of warehouse stompers from Locked Groove. I:Cube brings the recharged vintage HEAT with his new release on Versatile (who dropped a lot of excellent cuts in 2011, most notably the Argy cut). Veteran Phil Weeks puts himself back in the spotlight, with the properly-titled Jack To My Groove EP. The previously unheard-of Nation (to me, at least) gets JTC on with dirtbag of his signature acid, along with an A-side of some psychedelic acidic excellence. And finally, D’MARC CANTU and his new LP on the venerable Creme Organization absolutely SEALS THE DEAL. The whole album is teeming with dirty-as-fuck Chicago-styled industrial/hard house/acid tracks that could have easily been commodified into three or four separate EPs and made those boys some LOOT. But Creme Org keeps it real and gives it all at once. 200 copies worldwide from what we hear, so get it quick. Available digitally, but really, this shit was meant for wax.

Of course, we have to mention our own end-of-the-year EP, Split Personalities II, which fits right in with its own take on raw–and begins the year with some love from Ostgut Ton’s very own Ryan Elliot, who charted it at #4 for January! Dopeness abounds.

Let’s get fucking tight, keep it proper, and blow it up in 2012. Thanks to EVERYONE who supports the international underground. Oh, by the way, buy some Proper Trax wax direct in January, and we’ll include a CD of some unreleased heat, so GET ON IT.

Piltdown Sound mixes for the CONDUIT Podcast

Piltdown Sound's guest mix for the CONDUIT Podcast

Piltdown Sound provides an hour of mixed originals and remixes for Vinyljunkie & 530Techno’s CONDUIT Podcast. It’s a furiously driving mix, layered with Piltdown’s signature sound, and includes the two latest cuts from the Proper Trax Split Personalities II EP.

// Tracklisting //

piltdown sound – sweete [digital release coming soon on herbst und musik]
will azada – dont trip (piltdown reduction)
piltdown sound – bom [12" available thru proper trax]
piltdown sound – toro (acid only mix)
piltdown sound – KS01 [digital release coming soon on herbst und musik]
piltdown sound – rmbl
piltdown sound – ooo [digital release coming soon on bleepsequence]
piltdown sound – otherness (take 2)
centrikal – elephants (piltdown remix) [digital release available thru subsensory recordings]
piltdown sound – flottetnzn
piltdown sound – this one
piltdown sound – doppler [digital release coming soon on bleepsequence]
grey people – mirrors (piltdown dub)
piltdown sound – xanderplatz [12" available thru proper trax]
luis armando – verkday (piltdown redux) [digital release coming soon on release musiq]
tomas rubeck – juicy (piltdown remix) [digital release available thru landed productions]
sys-hex – moral imperatives (piltdown remix) [digital release coming soon on release musiq]