Proper Picks 003 With DJ Deep

It’s been another long wait for the next edition of our Proper Picks feature, but what better way to kick off 2013 than to present the the man behind Deeply Rooted House, DJ Deep! Cyril Etienne’s impeccable taste and mixing skills have helped solidify him as a stalwart veteran of the French house and techno scene. With his brand of boundary-blurring “deeply rooted house,” and imprint of the same name, he’s helped revitalize contemporary dancefloor sounds with an inspired run of releases from a variety of house/techno veterans and new blood. Capturing his “DJ diary” of 2012, he was invited to kick off Tresor’s KERN mix series, introducing a broad base of listeners to some the favorite tracks of his career.

For this Proper Picks, Deep wanted to highlight what he considers to be five underrated and overlooked gems of 2012 spanning the sounds of house and techno. And after having heard them (with the exception of “Easy Does It” — I promise I did not put him up to that!), I can understand why he curated these particular records! Without further ado, Proper Trax presents DJ Deep and his Proper Picks.

Matti Turunen – Elokuu [Muhk]

A promo of this was sent to my house which is something that does not happen anymore for me. I absolutely love the title track “Elokuu.” It’s definitely a deep track with a bassline reminiscent of classic Chicago house, but it has a lot of personality, and I find myself touched by it’s unique vibe. I feel lucky to have received a promo record that I feel so much!

Markus Schatz – Smoking Wild Album Sampler [Salon]

I absolutely love this record. Since I got it, it’s stayed in my bag. It somehow reminds me of the early days of Deepside and St. Germain. Not that it sounds like them, but the structure of the tracks have a feeling that is close to that era. My favorite from the sampler is “Deep X” but the flip side is also very nice.

Claudia Anderson – Hysteria [Singular]

Marcelus’s first release on his Singular label is by a young Austrian female producer, and I have to say the track “Falling Lines” really grew on me. When I first heard it I thought it was perhaps very inspired by Marcelus’s EP1 on Deeply Rooted House, but I realized after playing it that there was more to it, and I got hooked on “Falling Lines.” I think it takes a little time to really appreciate this record.

Will Azada – Easy Does It [Mystical Disco]

This one is stuck in my record box, and I even had to buy a second copy, which is the same thing that happened with Zadig’s “Manic Mansion.” It’s got a unique feel that for some weird reason reminds me of Armando but it has no element in the track using any of Armando’s signature sounds. It’s “classic” feeling but not retro in approach, which shows Will has a great talent for showing respect to the early days of House, but brings something new and personal to the table. This is one of my favorite records!

LIBRAH – 2BWU [Parkwest]

I guess man is made of contradictions right? On the one hand I am sometimes a slightly disappointed how people copy their mentors or push their nostalgia so far that they do carbon copies of past tracks by House heroes such as Kerri Chandler or Ron Trent. On the other hand, I like this record which definitely pays tribute to the original House
creators, but I also like the fact it’s somehow fresh and naive—at least this is the way I hear it!

For more insight into the mind of DJ Deep, check out his recent interview with Juno Plus.

The Support Update – Woods N Bass, Mystical Disco, and Bleepsequence

We’ve got a few things here that should be said, in light of recent developments regarding some of the artists associated with Proper Trax.

First up, Woods N Bass has established a new vinyl-only imprint, Woods N Bass Limited, that made its debut a week ago with the release of the Wet Feet EP by Will Azada & Piltdown Sound. It’s a belter of an EP, featuring three tracks, with the title track as a collaboration, and then a solo each from Will and Piltdown. Support has been diverse and wide so far, including direct play and chartings from the likes of DJ Deep, Seph, Jeroen Search, Raiz, Sammuli Kemmpi, Unbalance, Revy, Norman Nodge and Detroit Techno Militia to name just a few (ok, more than a few). It’s an exciting one, and we almost used “Wet Feet” for PROPER-002, but it wasn’t quite where it needed to be at the time…Glad to see our friend Santiago Merino @ Woods N Bass saw the potential it had though! Buy it now at, although word on the street is that we’ll have a small stack available to sell direct as well, soon.

Next, and hitting shelves as we speak, is the debut of NYC/Memphis label Mystical Disco from Jackson Lee. MYST-001 is another split release, giving a taste of what’s to come for the label, with Will Azada’s ironically titled “Easy Does It” on the A-side, and Jackson Lee’s pair of dubtech/house thumpers on the flip, “Three Mile Island” and “One November.” Jackson Lee’s last release with fellow Memphian Ben Jenkins on Detroit’s Blank Artists is a diamond in the rough of dub-oriented house and techno, and personally, stands out from the glut of similar tracks with its live jam aesthetic and lowkey funk. Mr. Lee, we are sure, will be making his Proper Trax debut in the near future. Promo for MYST-01 has been limited so far, but we know Perc is on board with “Easy Does It.” It should be hitting record shelves worldwide soon, but can currently be found at Halcyon in NYC right now. We’ll also be receiving a handful of copies for direct sale for those interested. Previews on the link above, or click the pic.

Third, some news on the Bleepsequence front, a quality experimental/techno netlabel based in Pittsburgh, PA and run by Revy. Blpsq has been around for awhile now, and while all the music is free, it is one of the few that truly keeps a higher standard of quality on the digital front. Although neither are available just yet, both Piltdown Sound and Will Azada will be making separate contributions to the release schedule with their own EPs. Piltdown’s will be BLPSQ21, out next week, with Will’s following up likely in May. For now, check out the brand spankin’ new Bleepsequence Compilation I / BLPSQ20, featuring a heavy tracklist of music from the label’s roster.