Proper Trax is currently open to artist demos, although our release schedule is tightening, with no guarantees of a quick release. But if you have the proper vibe, we will probably want to make it happen. Net-exclusive digital compilations are also in the pipeline, so please don’t be afraid to send us your material. We listen to everything as long as it fits our (loose) guidelines–and we will probably send feedback/criticism as well, if you’re interested. We know how it feels to just get ignored by a label, even when you have taken the time to present a nice package and message.

We prefer 320kbps MP3s via direct download, or simple (no spam, pop-ups, and roadblocks) upload sites. Our Soundcloud Drop Box is also an option. Please keep your demos to 4-5 trax, maximum. And we will ignore all mass mailings of demos that pay no heed to our aesthetic and sound. We want to know who you are and what you’re about. Don’t give us bullshit, lazy submissions.

E-mail questions, inquiries, requests, and demos to

You can also check us out on Facebook and Resident Advisor.



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