The last two weeks have been a little hectic, to say the least, for some of us involved with Proper Trax–particularly for me (Will) and Alex Falk. Shortly after we arrived in Berlin for our two-week stay, Proper Trax 4 hit the first of the European shops ( and quickly sold out. It then hit Juno and climbed to #9 on the site’s techno sales charts within a week, followed by my own direct distribution to Spacehall in Berlin, which were completely sold out within three days of drop-off. There’s still one more batch of fifty copies that landed at our main distributor today, and once those are gone, PROPER-004 will officially be sold out, and will have been the fastest-selling in the Proper Trax catalog so far. And with that said, I speak for us all when I say, “THANK YOU” to all of you out there that have been following the label, whether you’re just arriving or have been with us since day one.

During our stay in Berlin, we hit a lot of cool parties, but two of the most surreal and amazing moments of the trip had to be on our first Saturday morning at Panorama Bar with Ben Klock vs Marcel Dettmann and Ryan Elliott, and the next Monday morning at Berghain with Dustin Zahn followed up by Discodromo closing out Panorama Bar. The first night set the stage and raised the bar for the rest of the trip, while the last night couldn’t have made for a better climax and resolution to the journey. Not only were these parties exceptional in terms of vibe and music selections, but they marked major milestones for the label. There is nothing quite like hearing your music played by some of the best DJs in the world, on some of the best sound systems in the world, for the most insane crowds in the world. Truly a landmark two weeks for me, the Proper Trax crew, and our friend Jackson Lee at Mystical Disco! It all culminated in one of the most moving periods of my life as a musician and lover of this music we call house (or techno, whatever!) My eternal gratitude goes out to Dettmann, Elliot, and Zahn for spreading what I like to call PROPER TRAX! Also, I can’t forget to mention the mind-bending sets that came from Karenn, Giorgio Gigli, Shackleton, Xhin, and Discodromo (who I had never heard of previously, but seriously took things next level at Panorama Bar during my last morning there. I think that four-hour session was the pinnacle of what people describe when they describe a “perfect” night at PBar).

The last two weeks have been a proper conclusion to all the hard work and efforts we’ve made as a crew for the last couple years. Props to all of you locals that showed me around and helped us out (Nick, Harold, Kris, Marcus, Gabriele). Thanks to all the homies that were there with me and even those that couldn’t be–this time. Grey People, Chris Mitchell, Alex Falk, Jackson Lee, Adam Arthur, Merino, Kyle Geiger, and everyone else….ya’ll all know who you are. So with that said, with 2013 right around the bend, it’s time to GO HARD, GET RAW, and KEEP IT PROPER!

-Will Azada