Proper Picks – 001

We’re going to start a new (usually) weekly feature here that’s been kicked around as an idea for awhile, called Proper Picks , where Proper Trax asks label artists, friends, fam, and fans to pick a few tracks they consider proper tracks worth hearing. Simple enough. To introduce the series, we’ve got our very own Grey People with a four-track selection of house jams:

I chose 4 tracks that best represent my current taste. These tracks are in no specific order or ranking; they’re all number 1’s to me:

1) Full House – Communicate (dub) [DJ International, 1986] – I picked this up on a whim at the local goodwill (people are itching to get rid of this kinda shit in Nashville apparently) for 50 cents and it’s slowly crept into the majority of my sets. Definitely a great track that’s both aggressive and emotive; snares that make you wanna beat the shit out of someone with vox that makes you wanna fuck.

I couldn’t find the dub mix on the tubes so here is the original that is just as good.

Full House – Communicate

2) Superlife – Go Bananas (Steve Summers Remix) [Peoples Potential Unlimited, 2011] – This track is weird and quirky is all the right ways. Think Klein & MBO meet Cybotron. Makes me want to go banannners.

Superlife – Go Bananas

3) 2 Body’s – Body Drill [House Records, 1989] – Nasty acid, beast of a track. This is one of those tracks you can really lose yourself in, hypnotic, pumping, sexul tension. This track still stands the test of time after all of these years.

2 Body\'s – Body Drill

4) Tang – Ominous [Emphasis Recordings, 2007] – This track is gorgeous, reminds me of getting lost driving in the suburbs while I was a teenager and listening to WNUR’s Sonic Sunset but losing the signal every 5 minutes. Pure fucking nostalgia….

Tang – Ominous

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